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Posted In Entertainment news On: 2013-04-23
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New York rapper A$AP Rocky is still dealing with last year’s.

After being sued last year for getting into a fight in a New York City clothing store, A$AP is refusing to pay the guy at the receiving end of the assault because A$AP says he beat the guy up in self-defense.

Shenick Alcine filed a lawsuit against the young rapper late last year, claiming he was ferociously beaten by A$AP Rocky after he caught A$AP doing drugs in the retail establishment. A$AP Rocky is finally responding to the lawsuit and is asking the judge to throw the suit out because he says Alcine is a liar and the beating Alcine received was brought by Alcine himself.

If you recall, Rocky was arrested after the incident and charged with assault and battery. However, he wasn’t placed under arrest for what Shenick Alcine is suing him for. A$AP Rocky was arrested for allegedly beating up two photographers who filmed the fight inside the store. A$AP also was alleged to have tried to steal the footage from the photographers. A$AP Rocky got away with probation and three days community service after striking a plea deal.